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Importance of Ghar Pravesh (Griha Pravesh)

Ghar Pravesh Pune

We all celebrating our achievements – be it a promotion at work, a new car or a win at a game. Among all our accomplishments, a momentous occasion is when we buy our own house. For generations, we have placed a lot of emphasis on investing in property. And so, when you buy this prized asset, a Ghar Pravesh pooja or house-warming celebration is considered inevitable. Why is the Ghar Pravesh or Griha Pravesh so important?

To begin with, when you step into a new life in a new house, you wish to have your loved ones around. The Ghar Pravesh is the perfect occasion to get everyone together and receive their blessings and good wishes. Because a happy moment undoubtedly deserves a happy celebration!

We Indians also love our ideals and traditions. While we bask in our contemporary attitudes, we equally take note of the traditions, customs and ‘muhurats’. The Ghar Pravesh is one such event, which is important for the entire family. Because the new house, which will harness all our future dreams and desires, should be a haven of good fortune. The traditional Hindu system of architecture, Vastu Shastra, proposes that a house is made up of five essential elements – the sun, earth, water, fire, and wind. All these elements when in proper alignment in a house, is said to bring in cheerfulness, good health, and prosperity. The Ghar Pravesh pooja helps to bring into line these elements and prepare the home for blissful times.

During the Griha Pravesh pooja, priests and the learned perform a ‘yagna’. The fumes from the yagna, holy water from the coconut and the camphor lamps all have a purifying effect on the surrounding and the vibes in the house. Lord Ganesha – the ‘Vighnaharta’ (remover of all obstacles), is summoned and his blessings are seeked. Ghar Pravesh thus remains a significant ritual when entering a new house or even a freshly renovated house.

Believe it or not, the consecrations of living spaces is deep-rooted in our culture. Rightly said, Ghar Pravesh is an important step toward positivity and lifelong happiness!

So, when is your Ghar Pravesh?

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